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Caroline Flack calls Adam out on Twitter

Caroline Flack calls Adam out on Twitter

Caroline Flack calls Adam out on Twitter
June 13
12:13 2018

If Twitter was anything to go by last night, the whole nation is seemingly unimpressed by Adam’s villa tactics.

He first caused a stir when he dumped Kendall (who was then forced to wave goodbye to the Island) for solicitor Rosie, and then was called out last night by Rosie herself for ‘cracking on’ with Megan behind Rosie’s back.

And it’s safe to say Twitter was NOT happy with Adam – including the one and only Caz Flack.

The show’s host was quick to reveal her feelings towards the Geordie hunk and his behaviour, by re-tweeting a tweet from a Love Island reactions account that read: ‘In a world of Adam’s, be an Alex.’

Hmm. Not a fan then, Caz?

The tweet comes after Adam confided (rather flirtatiously) in newbie Megan about his coupling up with Rosie.

The 22 year-old said: “I came in here to get to know people and to get to know what I actually like in a person, and I think a couple of alarm bells started ringing.”

And then in the explosive showdown, Rosie exposed Adam and his behaviour. The brunette beauty said: “You say about Niall not being honest the other night, but you literally did what he did… and didn’t have the balls to tell me before that you were going to do it.”

Credit: ITV2/Love Island

But, like Caroline, many are hoping blonde beauty Megan will also in fact be #TeamAlex after the blonde beauty caught his eye.

We can’t WAIT to watch tonight’s recoupling unfold…

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm, ITV2

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