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Meghan Markle Finally Follows Royal Family's Unofficial Pantyhose Protocol

Meghan Markle Finally Follows Royal Family's Unofficial Pantyhose Protocol

Meghan Markle Finally Follows Royal Family's Unofficial Pantyhose Protocol
March 12
20:51 2018

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

For her latest appearance with the royal family, Meghan Markle took a page out of Queen Elizabeth II‘s traditional style playbook.

Prince Harry‘s bride-to-be attended her first official event with the British Monarch on Monday, most notably sporting a pair of flesh-colored pantyhose underneath a navy sheath dress and cream coat. Meghan has previously made waves for skipping hosiery, but as Christine Ross of Meghan’s Mirror explains, today’s choice could’ve been made purely out of practicality. 

Calling nylons a “royal fashion rule” in “most circumstances,” Ross tells E! News, “The perception is that pantyhose are more modest and feminine, but given how chilly London can be, it may be a practical choice more than anything!”

“Although pantyhose are not required for every event, they are generally a rule for more formal or conservative royal events,” she adds.

Of course, the American actress couldn’t let an opportunity to showcase her signature style slip by. By popping the collar of her Amanda Wakeley coat, Ross says, Meghan added a “touch of her modern personality to the outfit,” which created an “edgier vibe” all around.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry


“She also wore simple, trendy earrings,” Ross continues, and “stuck to her favored neutral color palettes, eschewing bold colors in favor of monochrome navy and white.” 

The “best part,” she tells E! News, was that Meghan and Kate Middleton continued their trend of coordinating ensembles. Aside from matching blue pumps, Ross says, “Kate re-wore an elegant navy ensemble, which was a very flattering maternity style. Next to Meghan’s cream coat and navy dress, they looked like a winning pair. From what we have seen, Meghan and Kate are close and very friendly.”

“We look forward to seeing their friendship—and their fashions—develop as we see them together more often,” she remarks. 

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