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Will Jake Quickenden's latest injury cost him the DOI title?

Will Jake Quickenden's latest injury cost him the DOI title?

Will Jake Quickenden's latest injury cost him the DOI title?
March 11
08:48 2018

This year’s Dancing On Ice has had us on the edge of our sofas, and now that the final is just around the corner we are itching to find out who will take the crown.

But Jake Quickenden will have to perform after sustaining an injury just days before his last spin on the ice.

The X Factor star dislocated his thumb this week, and now fans are worried that it could impact his last bid to win.

Jake told us: “I had a few hours off where I had to go get it checked – obviously just as a precaution, because I don’t want to be doing anything that could cause Vanessa any danger or harm.

“I got it all x-rayed and they said I can skate. As soon as they said that I literally sprinted out, put my skates on and got straight back on the ice!”

But is he worried it could cost him the title?

“No, no I wouldn’t let it – I don’t want to let it,” he says adamantly.

Credit: ITV PLC/Dancing On Ice

“I’m not one to moan about it. I told Karl [Fogarty] about it and he rode motorbikes with broken legs and broken arms, so a thumb is like, come on, it’s just a thumb. It’ll be fine.”

Karl is his soon-to-be father-in-law, as he plans to walk his fiancé, Danielle, down the aisle.

And he plans to include some elements of Dancing On Ice when the big day rolls around…

“I’ve had the wedding planning going on for a bit now,” he reveals.

“I’m thinking about getting an ice rink at the wedding! I’ve looked into it – there’s a Facebook page where you can order an ice rink!

“Having the first dance on the rink would be so good, wouldn’t it?”

Sounds amazing – we’ll be waiting for the invite, Jake…

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